All these doodles

Hey, hope you enjoy the art

The other night was just a sort of Nintendo night I suppose. 


Flint’s the go-to character to draw whenever I’m stumped in art. Plus another little desert doodle!

Photoshop practice! I never use it much I think I should learn it more. 

Messy yellow

I feel very weak with colors/creating scenes so I did a bunch of quick practice things. 

shrekyourself asked: damn dude your art just keeps on evolving and getting better and better!

Thank you so much I hope it is!

Buncha stuff from sketchbooks. Photosets are a pain I give up!

ziziwest asked: I may have sent similar comments before, so pardon me if this is repetitive. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your drawings. The characters are so interesting and the situations they're in seem to have rich narratives behind them. Usually I stick to SF/speculative fic/fantasy & avoid vampires, zombies, et al...but when I see that you've posted new images I stop what I'm doing to look more closely! Thank you!

Thank you! I’m glad my characters can be interesting and engaging despite how outwardly silly they are!

Tracy and Tony. Two lost vampires who find each other and form a sibling-like friendship.