All these doodles

Hey, hope you enjoy the art

illuiin asked: I love love your characters especially tony omg they're all so cool and have nice designs!! Are you thinking of making a series with tony? I'd love to buy ig uwu

Oh man that’s flattering! I’d like to do little short things with him one day! but who knows if that’ll ever happen haha thank you so much

sofazzio asked: Your art and characters are so good, I'm amazed every time. Are you making a longer comic, or for now is it just short comics with different characters? Is it available for reading somewhere, or is it going to be printed? Do you have a shop? Sorry for all the questions, keep up the great work! ♡

Aw ha for now I just make little short things that are fun! To be honest I don’t know if I have the stamina to make something really long. It sounds more appealing to me than actually doing it ha. I don’t have anything printed no! 

Anonymous asked: oh my god, i found your blog today and now you're easily one of my favourite artists on tumblr. i love your usage of colors and the way you design characters!!! also, you have a very nice url

Thank you!! glad you enjoy I’m honored!

Little scenes with characters just for fun. 

Taxi driver who drives supernatural folks and monsters and gets the worst of them




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Reblogging for early birds!

Hey hey I did a thing for this. Check it out.

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The other night was just a sort of Nintendo night I suppose. 


Flint’s the go-to character to draw whenever I’m stumped in art. Plus another little desert doodle!

Photoshop practice! I never use it much I think I should learn it more.